Beyond Mapping III

Compilation of Beyond Mapping columns appearing in GeoWorld magazine 1996 to 2013

 Table of Contents

 Introduction – GIS Software's Changing Roles

 Topic 1 – Object-Oriented Technology

 Topic 2 – Spatial Interpolation Procedures and Assessment

 Topic 3 – Considerations in Sampling Design

 Topic 4 – Where Is GIS Education?

 Topic 5 – Analyzing Accumulation Surfaces

 Topic 6 – Analyzing In-Store Shopping Patterns

 Topic 7 – Linking Data Space and Geographic Space

 Topic 8 – Investigating Spatial Dependency

 Topic 9 – Analyzing Landscape Patterns

 Topic 10 – Analyzing Map Similarity and Zoning

 Topic 11 – Characterizing Micro Terrain Features

 Topic 12 – Landscape Visualization

 Topic 13 – Creating Variable-Width Buffers

 Topic 14 – Deriving and Using Travel-Time Maps

 Topic 15 – Deriving and Using Visual Exposure Maps

 Topic 16 – Characterizing Patterns and Relationships

 Topic 17 – Applying Surface Analysis

 Topic 18 – Understanding Grid-based Data

 Topic 19 – Routing and Optimal Paths

 Topic 20 – Surface Flow Modeling

 Topic 21 – Human Dimensions of GIS

 Topic 22 – Reclassifying and Overlaying Maps

 Topic 23 – Suitability Modeling

 Topic 24 – Overview of Spatial Analysis and Statistics

 Topic 25 – Calculating Effective Distance

 Topic 26 – Assessing Spatially-Defined Neighborhoods

 Topic 27 – GIS Evolution and Future Trends

 Topic 28 – Spatial Data Mining in Geo-business

 Topic 29 – Spatial Modeling in Natural Resources

 Topic 30 – A Math/Stat Framework for Map Analysis

 Epilog – Technical and Cultural Shifts in the GIS Paradigm





written by   Joseph K. Berry
published by  BASIS Press


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