Beyond Mapping Compilation Series


Compilation of Beyond Mapping columns appearing in GeoWorld (formally GIS World) magazine 1989 to 2013


The Beyond Mapping Compilation Series extends GIS technology from mapping and geo-query to spatial statistics and analysis that investigates the spatial patterns and relationships.  It presents a structured view of the important concepts, considerations and procedures involved in map analysis.  The nearly two hundred monthly columns written over a twenty four year period forms an evolutionary perspective on the revolutionary elements of GIS technology that make it different from traditional map structure, content, processing and use. The discussions encourage the reader to extend the traditional role of maps from telling us “Where is What” to “Why and so what.”  Within this context, maps become data and map analysis becomes the means to derive information about spatial patterns and relationships within and among map layers.  


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Intended Audience


Beyond Mapping Compilation Series …is an electronic collection of Joseph K. Berry's popular Beyond Mapping columns published in GeoWorld magazine from 1989 through 2013.  It is intended to be used as a self-instructional text or used in support of formal academic courses for study of grid-based map analysis.


Content and Organization


This compilation series is organized into three online books—


Beyond Mapping III: A Compilation of Beyond Mapping Columns from 1996 to 2013 into 28 Topics, Introduction and Epilog

Beyond Mapping II: A Compilation of Beyond Mapping Columns from 1993 to 1996 into 10 Topics, Introduction and Epilog

Beyond Mapping I: A Compilation of Beyond Mapping Columns from 1989 to 1993 into 10 Topics, Introduction and Epilog


Three hardcopy books with supplemental materials support the online compilation—


Map Analysis Understanding Spatial Patterns and Relationships covers the period 1996 to 2007 (Berry, 2007; GeoTec Media Publishers)

Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS covers the period 1993 to 1996 (Berry, 1995; John Wiley Publishers)

Beyond Mapping Concepts, Algorithms, and Issues in GIScovers the period 1989 to 1993 (Berry, 1993; John Wiley Publishers)


The Map Analysis book’s companion CD-ROM contains further readings, color graphics and software for hands-on experience with the material presented.  In addition, an Instructor’s CD-ROM is available that contains a comprehensive set of instructional materials for use with the book supporting a variety of seminars, workshops and courses including syllabus, PowerPoint lectures, exercises, databases, and study/exam questions and answers.


Companion "Hands-On" Exercises


MapCalc software provides hands-on exercises supporting the topics in the Map Analysis book and the other books in the compilation series.  Educational versions are available in student and instructor forms…

MapCalc Learner …is a Student Tutorial Version with Exercises/databases, application demos and text; 100x100 configuration; single seat license for educational use only

MapCalc Academic …is an Instructor Classroom Version with all of the above material plus lecture PowerPoint’s, additional exercises and exam questions/answers; unlimited analysis frame configuration; multiple seat license for single computer lab; educational use only


Nearly all of the graphics in the columns were created using MapCalc (formally tMAP) and its optional software, using a standard personal computer and screen capture.  MapCalc software, User’s Manual, supplemental readings, exercises, tutorial databases and instructor materials are royalty free and can be downloaded from 


Copyright Notice


This compilation of articles originally written by Joseph K. Berry for the "Beyond Mapping" column appearing in GeoWorld (formally GIS World) magazine and are individually copyrighted by the author and GeoTec Media (M2MEDIA360 © 1996-20013).  The electronic form of this compilation including text, graphics and supporting materials are copyrighted by Joseph K. Berry.


(© 2013) All rights are reserved.  Permission to copy, use and distribute portions of the compilation series for non-commercial educational purposes is granted provided reference is made to the author and the online compilation.  Further distribution of this online compilation in its entirety is prohibited without prior permission by the author.


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