April, 2003

 126 pages

 8.5 x 11.0

 73 illustrations


Analyzing Geo-Business Data


   A Hands-on Case Study in Spatial Analysis and Data Mining


   Joseph K. Berry, University of Denver


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Online information at http://www.innovativegis.com/basis/Books/AnalyzingPAdata/Default.htm


Book Description:  Analyzing Geo-Business Data brings together underlying concepts of map analysis with concise examples and hands-on experience in analyzing geo-business data.  This book will help readers understand the nature of spatial data and the principles, procedures and considerations used in investigating spatial relationships.  A case study for a project area is used to clearly illustrate the wealth of emerging analytical capabilities available to educators, researchers, consultants and business professionals. 


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This book and companion CD has been used in support of numerous workshops on concepts, considerations and applications in geo-business.  For additional online papers on geotechnology in business see…


-         Spatial Data Mining in Geo-business, Topic 28, Beyond Mapping III; online book by J.K. Berry.

-         Analyzing In-Store Shopping Patterns, Topic 6, Beyond Mapping III; online book by J.K. Berry.

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-         Mapping In-Store Shopper Movement and Sales, GBA News, GeoBusiness Association, Fort Collins, Colorado, February, 1998.  J.K. Berry.


For a description of the history and conceptual framework underlying Map Analysis and GIS Modeling see…


-         An Analytical Framework for GIS Modeling, white paper presenting a conceptual framework for map analysis and GIS Modeling, BASIS, Fort Collins, Colorado, July, 2009.  J.K. Berry and Shitij Mehta.

-         A Brief History and Probable Future of Geotechnology, white paper distilling several keynotes, presentations and papers, BASIS, Fort Collins, Colorado, July, 2006.  J.K. Berry.

-         GIS Evolution and Future Trends, Topic 27, Beyond Mapping III; online book by J.K. Berry.


More Information: Please see www.innovativegis.com/basis/ for additional information on map analysis and modeling applications; or contact the author directly at jberry@innovativegis.com.


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…to download electronic version of the workbook sections (.pdf) that can be printed, assembled and coil bound into a hardcopy book.  In addition you can download the Workshop Support Materials including lecture slides, exercise software, example applications and color versions of the workbook’s figures.


You may use the Analyzing Geo-Business Data book and companion MapCalc Learner software for 1) self-instruction or 2) in whole or part for educational purposes, such as support materials for use in courses and workshops.  However, you may not reproduce and distribute the book or software for profit. 


Software Description:  MapCalc software by BASIS is used for the hands-on exercises.  A copy of MapCalc Learner software is included with the book.  The software includes the basic set of data and operations needed to complete the hands-on exercises. 


Understanding GIS Technology
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Evaluation Version

MapCalc Tutorials

MapCalc Data Sets

MapCalc User’s Manual



MapCalc Description & Examples describes MapCalc capabilities using several GIS modeling examples

GeoWorld Quick-Take Review of MapCalc Learner

Online Paper describing MapCalc Academic for instructors

Cross-reference to ESRI Grid/SpatialAnalyst and ERDAS

Instructor Materials for grid-based map analysis instruction


MapCalc Legacy describing the history of the software