Keynote and Workshop Presentation References and Further Information


Joseph K. Berry


W. M. Keck Visiting Scholar in Geosciences, Geography, University of Denver

Principal, Berry & Associates // Spatial Information Systems

Email  —  Web


General reference: online book Map Analysis addresses a variety of map analysis procedures and applications


Keynote  Spatial Reasoning in a World of Maps:

 Moving Beyond Mapping to Spatial Thinking and Communicating


Where Is GIS? —

Beyond Location, Location, Location —

Overview of Spatial Analysis and Statistics —

Quantifying Wildfire Risk —

Internet Devices/Mapping — Spatial Data Technologies,; Example,;

Overview,; Applications,; Trends,; Basics,

3D Visualization — 3D Nature VNS Software,; Overview,; Trends,;  Applications,; Considerations,; Example Images,;

Example animations,

Map Display — IDELIX Pliable Display Technology Software,; Wyle Labs Grand Canyon Noise,; Sanborn Wildfire Modeling,

Geospatial Multimedia — Overview,; Multimedia Mapping basics part 1,, basics part 2,;

RHS Multimedia Software,


Workshops  Grid-based Map Analysis Techniques and GIS Modeling


MapCalc Software —


Introductory Session focusing on Spatial Analysis procedures involving “contextual” relationships


Understanding Grid-Based Data —

Suitability Modeling — 

Reclassifying & Overlaying Maps —

Effective Distance/Connectivity —

Spatially-Defined Neighborhoods — Deriving/Using Travel-Time Maps —

Deriving /Using Visual Exposure Maps —

Routing & Optimal Paths —

Infusing Stakeholder Input for Routing —


Intermediate Session focusing on Spatial Statistics procedures involving “numerical” relationships


Spatial Interpolation —

Linking Data & Geographic Space —  

Data Patterns/Relationships —

Investigating Spatial Dependency—

Precision Agriculture —