GIS in Forestry and Natural Resources: Current Analytical Capabilities and Future Directions


Presentation for Faculty Delegation from Wondo Genet College of Natural Resources, Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University — Friday, April 11, 2014



Presentation by Joseph K. Berry



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GIS in Forestry and Natural Resources: Current Analytical Capabilities and Future Direction


This presentation discusses underlying concepts, capabilities, considerations and challenges facing natural resources faculty in moving beyond mapping and instilling the ability to “think with maps” in their students.


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EarthIcon_sm.pngThis demonstration session describes the access, content and searching procedures for the nearly 1000 pages and more than 750 figures in the Beyond Mapping Compilation Series of Beyond Mapping columns appearing in GeoWorld (formally GIS World) magazine from March 1989 through December 2013.  The online Series provides a comprehensive and longitudinal perspective of the underlying concepts, considerations, issues and evolutionary development of modern geotechnology.


Description (click to access Handout .pdf file; scale the oversized poster file to fit page when printing on 8.5x11.0 paper)