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Video Presentations and Podcasts:


GIS in Natural Resources and Agriculture, Colorado State University, Geospatial Centroid, October 17, 2014, Fort Collins, Colorado.  University Seminar.  (Video of presentation; Link to Handout and PowerPoint, 15MB)


Eye-Witness to GIS’s 40 year Evolution/Revolution, University of Denver, Geography Colloquium, October 2, 2014, Denver, Colorado.  (Video of presentation; Link to Handout and PowerPoint, 18MB)


Future Directions of Map Analysis and GIS Modeling, Colorado State University, Geospatial Centroid, September 19, 2014, Fort Collins, Colorado. University Seminar (Video of presentation; Link to Handout and PowerPoint 13MB)


Map Analysis and Modeling in Forestry’s Future: Where We are Headed and How We Can Get There, Esri Forestry GIS Solutions Conference, May 1, 2012, Redlands, CA.  Plenary session.  (Video of presentation; Link to Handout and PowerPoint, 7MB)


So Where Is Precision Ag, 9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture, July 21, 2008, Denver, Colorado.  Keynote address. (Audio Podcast of presentation; Podcast slide advance Time-Marks for simultaneous viewing PowerPoint slides; Link to Handout and PowerPoint, 7MB)


MapCalc Basicsshort tutorial video demonstrating some of the basic display and map handling features of MapCalc software. (Tutorial Video) For more information, see “Applying MapCalc Map Analysis Software” section in the online applications examples, 2000.


Calculating Slope and Surface Flowshort tutorial video demonstrating map analysis procedures for generating slope and surface flow maps. (Tutorial Video) For more information, see “Mapping Surface Flows and Pooling” application example and Topic 11, “Characterizing Micro-Terrain Features” in the Map Analysis online book, 2000.




…a good method for viewing videos is to access the video in one window and pause.  Then bring up the corresponding PowerPoint in another window and select the starting slide.  When the slide is advanced in the video, manually advance the slide in the PowerPoint. This technique enables viewing the slides in greater detail.



Example for “Eye-Witness to GIS’s 40 Year Evolution/Revolution” Video and corresponding PowerPoint.