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Software for Advanced Map Analysis
2000 South College Avenue, Suite 300, Fort Collins, Colorado USA 80525
Phone (970) 490-2155  Fax -2300  E-Mail sis@innovativegis.com

Spatial Information Systems, Inc., was founded in 1986 by Joseph K. Berry and Kenneth L. Reed.  Their collaboration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) began in the mid 70s when they were both on the faculty at Yale University.   Dr. Berry's background in remote sensing and Dr. Reed's background in systems modeling provided the unique combination necessary for development of advanced map analysis procedures.

Being a small company under progressive management, Spatial Information Systems stresses continual innovation.  The principals of Spatial Information Systems remain at the cutting-edge of GIS technology. Dr. Berry serves as a special faculty member at Colorado State University and writes the monthly columns "Beyond Mapping" for GIS WORLD magazine and "Inside the GIS Toolbox" for Successful Farming’s ag/INNOVATOR newsletter. Dr. Reed is the Chief Scientist at HyperParallel Corporation where he directs the integration of GIS modeling techniques with data mining/knowledge discovery technologies to produce spatially sensitive predictive models and analyses for retail and financial clients.

The Professional Map Analysis Package (pMAP) for personal computers is the primary product of Spatial Information Systems.  It is used by more than two hundred organizations worldwide, with applications ranging from environmental risk analysis, to wildlife habitat modeling, to business market analysis, to university research and classroom instruction.  pMAP users range from small organizations with stand-alone systems to large government agencies with site licenses.  Their common bond is a need for advanced analytical capabilities in an easy-to-use personal computer environment.  A companion product, the Academic Map Analysis Package (aMAP), is used by more than a hundred universities worldwide.  It includes an educational version of pMAP and instructional materials with lecture notes, database, exercises, and exam questions.

The Tutorial Map Analysis Package (tMAP) is a self-instructional package supporting the books "Beyond Mapping: Concepts, Algorithms and Issues in GIS" and "Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS," by Joseph K. Berry (GIS World Books, 1993 and 1995).   The Tutorials have been acquired by thousands of individuals interested in hands-on experience with map analysis concepts.  The Digital Slide Shows in GIS Concepts (gCON) software provides extended discussion of the concepts presented in the books and tMAP software.

Spatial Information Systems' business partner, Berry & Associates, provides training and consulting in GIS technology.  Since 1988, the firm has presented over two hundred workshops at various companies, agencies and conferences. (1/98)