Kenneth L. Reed

Education B.A., Zoology, 1965, University of Washington, Seattle

M.S., Plant Physiology, 1968, University of Washington, Seattle

Ph.D., Forest Systems Ecology, 1972, Oregon State University, Corvallis

Highlights and Qualifications Twenty-five years experience as researcher, professor (Yale University) and consultant in mathematical modeling, knowledge discovery, statistical analysis, and data mining. Currently leads team of scientists developing knowledge discovery methodology and applications in the area of customer relationship marketing: retail and financial propensity to buy; propensity to attrit; marketbasket analysis; customer segmentation on demographics, psychographics, geographics, and behavior; in-store traffic modeling and analysis; application of geospatial analysis and data mining technology to retail customer distribution and profitability analysis. Previous work includes retail sales forecast models, recreation demand forecast models, detailed process models, large system models, geographic modeling and programming. Twelve years of consulting and development experience in relational database technology, information engineering, logical and physical database design, applications development, computer aided software engineering (CASE) tools and methodologies. Seventeen years of technical project management experience. Five years experience in management and development of commercial software products.

Programming Languages: C, C++, SQL, Perl, Modula-2, Pascal, FORTRAN

Database Systems: Teradata, Oracle, Britton Lee, various PC databases

Professional Experience

Spatial Information Systems – Principal – Developed pMAP (Professional Map Analysis Program), a computer program for grid-based spatial modeling and analysis. With partner, Dr. Joseph Berry, designed, developed, and marketed product in academic and natural sciences environment. More than 15,000 copies of program sold over 15 year period. Currently converting program to Microsoft Visual C++ for Win95/NT environments.

HyperParallel, Inc – Chief Scientist – Responsible for team of consulting scientists and analysts responsible for developing techniques and methodologies for applying data mining and spatial analytical modeling technology to retail, financial, and telco customer relationship marketing. Responsible for developing HyperParallel Solution Frameworks for Financial Propensity to Buy, Retail Customer Relationship Marketing: customer segmentation; customer behavior; customer value distribution; promotion targeting, and others. Also responsible for presales, customer relationships, seminars and technical communications.

NCR - Senior Consulting Scientist - Coach and technical leader of Modeling and Analysis Practice within Data Warehouse Consulting Practice. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining technology applied to real-world business opportunities. Developed item-site retail base and promotion forecasting, optimized price modeling, optimized category management. Application of KD technology to 1:1 Marketing in financial and retail industries. Developed spatial modeling technologies and methodologies for targeted marketing, siting, competitive analysis, and customer applications. Explored new technologies for knowledge discovery, modeling, and analysis. Was project manager for development of Retail Access Model client-server sales analysis prototype.

InterPort Software – Director of Strategic Products - Developed software reverse engineering system based on a database implementation of yacc and lex to parse COBOL programs, DB2 and IMS/DB DDL, CICS, IMS/DC screen maps and load them as structured objects in KnowledgeWare IEW which grossed one million dollars in sales. Managed software development teams.

Cincinnati Bell Information Systems – Chief Scientist - Headed up Methodology and Database Technology Center, Federal Systems. Provided internal consultation on information engineering and database technology. Supported government contracts with special expertise. Provided consulting services for US Navy and Office of Secretary of Defense contracts.

Amperif Corporation – Technical Director - Lead software and database development teams under contract with US Army. Performed numerous database design and information engineering consulting tasks with government clients. Provided pre- and post-sales technical support for Amperif Relational Database Machine technology. Developed and conduced training courses in information engineering, database design, system performance, SQL, others.

HDR Systems, HDR Sciences - Scientist, Project Manager, Department Manager - Served as Department Manager and Technical Director in Alexandria, Virginia office, supporting US Navy, US Army, and Office of Secretary of Defense contracts. Took over one Navy contract that was behind schedule and more than $200,000 over budget and brought contract to conclusion with $100,000 profit. Developed and conducted training classes for Britton Lee database technology. Implemented one of the first production databases on Britton Lee relational database machines. With HDR Sciences, developed large-scale mathematical model predicting population impact of proposed M-X Missile project on Nevada-Utah and Texas-New Mexico recreation areas. Provided proposal development support and pre-sales presentations.

Yale University - Assistant Professor of Systems Ecology - Conducted research in mathematical modeling of ecological and plant physiological processes. Developed mathematical models of plant photosynthesis, forest growth and development. Developed and taught graduate courses in systems modeling, general system theory, quantitative ecology, quantitative plant physiology. Directed graduate students.

State of Washington Department of Natural Resources - Natural Resource Scientist -Conducted extensive field research in forest systems ecology. Developed SUCcession Simulator a forest growth and succession model. Participant in International Biological Program Coniferous Forest Biome modeling project.

University of Washington - Postdoctoral Research Associate - Developed mathematical model of plant photosynthesis using nonlinear regression for parameter estimation.

Employment History 1984 – Present – Spatial Information Systems, Fort Collins, CO

1996 – Present –HyperParallel, Inc., San Francisco, CA

1992-1996 – NCR Corporation, Dayton, OH

1989-1991 – Interport Software Corporation, Vienna, VA

1989 – Cincinnati Bell Information Systems, Vienna, VA

1988-1989 – Amperif Corporation, Chatsworth, CA

1980 – 1988 – Henningson, Durham, & Richardson, Omaha, NE

1976 – 1980 – Yale University, New Haven, CT

1973 – 1976 – Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Olympia, WA

1972-1973 – Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Washington, Seattle, WA