The pMAP Family of Software

The Professional Map Analysis Package (pMAP)

The Academic Map Analysis Package (aMAP)

Note: the pMAP and aMAP software packages and educational materials have been enhanced and upgraded for Windows; now available as MapCalc Learner for students and MapCalc Academic for instructors... distributed by Red Hen Systems.

Advanced Map Analysis for your PC …the Professional Map Analysis Package (pMAP) is a powerful, yet low cost software system for analyzing spatial data in a standard PC.  Spatial data is obtained from a variety of sources, such as map sheets, surveys, digital maps and other GIS systems.  pMAP provides a level of analytic and modeling capabilities unavailable in even the most costly GIS systems. Yet pMAP is as easy to use as your word processor and spreadsheet packages.

pMAP consists of a database of base maps and derived information layers, internally referenced to a common geographic location. You create, store, analyze, and display maps using a simple, natural command language. pMAP is easy to learn and use, and supports more than fifty processing operations, including:

optimal paths - visual exposure - edge characterization - spatial interpolation -slope/aspect - effective proximity - coincidence statistics - roving window summaries -map overlay - geographic searches - thematic mapping - contouring - shape/pattern analysis - contiguity - macro files - pop-up windows - contextual help

all within a user-friendly natural language.  The tutorials are accessed through an easy-to-use menu interface. The tMAP system uses a raster data structure, yet allows for input in the form of gridded data, digitized points, lines or polygons.  Output includes summary tables, character-based or raster pattern maps, monochrome or color display, and standard files for enhanced color and line graphics.

pMAP uses a grid (raster) data structure supporting

gridded data - digitized points, lines and polygons - interpolated surfaces

pMAP produces output in a variety of forms

summary tables - pageprint maps - raster pattern maps - screen graphics maps - vector graphics ovelay

pMAP presents a simple, easy to use interface.  You enter English-like commands through an editor window and pMAP communicates with you through the display window.  You can edit commands, log them to a file to create command macros, and recall previously used commands.  On-line help is available at a touch of a function key.

The Academic Map Analysis Package (aMAP) is the educational version of pMAP.  Whereas pMAP allows maps up to 1,000,000 grid cells (1000x1000), aMAP is constrained to 6400 grid cells (80x80).  The academic version is licensed for classroom instructional use and is available in multiple and site licenses.  The pMAP Utilities and manual are included.  In addition, an extensive set of "digital slide shows" and a video series to support classroom instruction are available.

System requirements are minimal, needing DOS 5.0 or higher (runs as a DOS application under Windows and NT), VGA graphics, 16MB RAM.

PRICE LIST, Version 3.1 for DOS...

pMAP Single User License

US$ 495

pMAP Multiuser License

US$ 895

pMAP Site License


aMAP Multiuser License

US$ 199

aMAP Site License 


Additional Manuals (each)

US$ 40



Plus shipping and handling per item as follows:


Priority Postal within the US

US$ 20

Priority Postal outside the US

US$ 35

Next Day Shipments within US 

US$ 35

Express Shipments outside US

US$ 65

Checks and Purchase Orders made out to Spatial Information Systems, 2000 South College Avenue, Suite 300, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA 80525 are acceptable from individuals and organizations within the United States and Canada.  Cashiers checks or Electronic Funds Transfer in US dollars are required for all other destinations.  Software is shipped on 3.5 inch DOS High Density formatted disks (1.44MB).  There is a 10% educational discount on pMAP for colleges and universities.  Purchase order terms is Net 30 days.  Prices are subject to change. (prices as of 1/98)