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The Precision Farming Primer  

     About the author...


   Joseph K. Berry  MBA, Ph.D.

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Joe is president of Berry & Associates // Spatial Information Systems, Inc. (BASIS), consultants and software developers in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.  Also he serves as the Manager of Special Projects for Red Hen Systems, Inc.  He has authored over two hundred papers on GIS, and since 1976, presented hundreds of workshops on its implementation and applications.  Joe is a columnist for GEOWorld magazine and Successful Farming’s @gInnovator newsletter, as well as the author of the popular books Beyond Mapping and Spatial Reasoning.   Formerly, he was an Associate Professor and the Associate Dean at Yale University's Graduate School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and is currently a special faculty member at Colorado State University and the Keck Scholar at the University of Denver.  He holds a bachelor's degree in forestry, a master's degree in business administration and a doctorate emphasizing remote sensing and land use planning.

August, 2000