GIS Modeling: Applying Map Analysis Tools and Techniques


Joseph K. Berry, Denver University



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Software Description: ( MapCalc software by BASIS is used for the hands-on exercises. A copy of MapCalc Learner software is included with the book. The software includes the basic set of data and operations needed to complete the hands-on exercises.



Understanding GIS Technology
Software on the links for information on grid-based map analysis software


Evaluation Version

MapCalc Tutorials

MapCalc Data Sets

MapCalc Users Manual



MapCalc Description & Examples describes MapCalc capabilities using several GIS modeling examples

GeoWorld Quick-Take Review of MapCalc Learner

Online Paper describing MapCalc Academic for instructors

Cross-reference to ESRI Grid/SpatialAnalyst and ERDAS

Instructor Materials for grid-based map analysis instruction


MapCalc Legacy describing the history of the software




For more information about the GIS Modeling book and supporting materials, contact:

Berry & Associates // Spatial Information Systems (BASIS), Fort Collins, Colorado

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