2014 Manitoba GIS User Group

Fall ConferenceOctober 1, 2014



Presentations by Joseph K. Berry


Principal, Berry and Associates // Spatial Information Systems, Fort Collins, Colorado

Adjunct Faculty in Natural Resources, Colorado State University

Adjunct Faculty in Geography, University of Denver

Email: jberry@innovativegis.com — Website: http://www.innovativegis.com/basis/




Future Directions of Map Analysis and GIS Modeling


Opening Keynote Presentation (Handout) (PowerPoint)


Most of GIS’s recent growth primarily has been in its capabilities as a “technical tool” for corralling and providing near instantaneous access to vast amounts of spatial data. However, GIS as an “analytical tool” hasn’t experienced the same meteoric rise.  This presentation assesses the circumstances, driving forces, potential and future directions of map analysis and modeling that directly interacts with research, policy formation, planning and management decisions.




GIS in Natural Resources and Agriculture


Closing Keynote Presentation (Handout) (PowerPoint)


Often Natural Resources and Production Agriculture are viewed as similar endeavors where forests are just a larger form of a crop— hence the U.S. Forest Service is in the Department of Agriculture.  However their modern expressions identify significant differences in their motivations, goals, decision environments, technological approaches and applications.  This presentation assesses the similarities and differences in Natural Resource and Agriculture use of GIS technology with particular emphasis on map analysis and modeling.