Geographic Information and Spatial Technologies Workshop

Ag Canada — October, 2006 — Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Online Links for the Keynote and Workshop materials are posted at...


Geotechnology in Agriculture: Getting It Right

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Analyzing Precision Ag Data: Intermediate workshop on what is needed to move Precision Ag beyond mapping

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Analyzing Precision Ag Data:  workbook published by BASIS Press, Fort Collins, Colorado, 2003, 84 pages, 49 illustrations with exercises and companion software.  J.K. Berry (US$45 plus shipping).  



Who’s Minding the Farm, feature article in GeoWorld, Adams Business Media, Chicago, Illinois, Feb 1998, 11:2 46-51.  J.K. Berry.   


Testing Your Precision Vision, interview on current issues and future directions, Precision Ag Illustrated, Clear Window Multimedia, August 1999.  J.K. Berry.    


Applying Spatial Analysis for Precision Conservation Across the Landscape, J. of Soil and Water Conservation, Nov/Dec 2005, 60:6 22-29.  J.K. Berry, J. A. Delgado, R. Khosla and F.J. Pierce.   


Precision Conservation for Environmental Sustainability, J. of Soil and Water Conservation, Nov/Dec 2003, 58:6 332-339.  J.K. Berry, J. A. Delgado, R. Khosla and F.J. Pierce. 


Precision Farming Primer — a collection of popular "Inside the GIS Toolbox" columns published in the @gInnovator newsletter from 1993 through 2000.  It uncovers the potential and pitfalls of the rapidly evolving field of precision farming—not only what precision farming can and can not do, but how it it is done., particularly Appendix D



Map Analysis — a collection of popular Beyond Mapping columns published in GeoWorld magazine from 1996 through present.  It is intended to be used as a self-instructional text or used in support of formal academic courses for study of grid-based map analysis., particularly Topics 2, 3, 7, 8, 10, 16 and 24