The Precision Farming Primer  

Precision Farming Primer

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antenna offset --

balancing --

biased error --

biotechnology --

computer aided design

CAD -- see computer aided deign

cartographic quality --

computer-assisted design --

data logging --

differentual global positioning system -- uses an additional correction signal at a known point to get a more accurate location reading.  Beacon differential is managed by the U.S. Coast Guard and is free.  There is a service charge for commercial differential systems.

edge effect --

geo-query --

geographic information sysems -- is software that lets you query, analyze and layer geographic data in map form.

GIS -- see geographic information systems

GIS data quality --

glopal positioning system -- is a constallation of satellites that make it possible for peole with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographic location.

GPS -- see global positioning system

graphical analysis --

grid cell --

grid map --

gridding resolution --

IDI -- see intellegent devices and implements

IDW -- see inverse distance-suatred weighted average

IT -- see information technology

information technology --

intelligence devices and implements--

inverse distance-squared weighted average --

inverse distance technique --

Kriging --

map-ematical --

mapped data analysis --

mass flow adjustment --

mass flow offset --

maximum absolute deviation --

measurement accuracy --

measurement noise --

mincurve --

minimum curvature --

monitors --

moving averages --

nearest-neighbor technique --

number of samples --

point sampling --

precision farming -- uses technology and information (such as computers, yield monitors, sensors, Global Positiong System, soils and other agrinomic data) to make management decisions for different field conditions.

random-start pattern --

randomized patterns --

reach --

real-time analysis --

relative yield --

remote sensing --

residual analysis --

roving window --

search radius --

sensors (on-the-go) --

single-cell design --

site-based management --

smoothing --

smoothing window --

spatial aggregation --

spatial interpolation --

spatial extrapolation --

spatial group --

spatial integral --

spatial modeling --

standard deviation map --

static averaging method --

swath element --

swath map --

synchronization of computer clocks --

systematic unaligned patterns --

t-test --

test set --

Thiessen polygons --

variable rate technology -- uses computer-driven controls to read digital maps and vary the rate of nutrients, chemicals, seed, and other farm inputs.  

visualization --

VRA -- variable rate application; see variable rate technology

VRT -- see variable rate technology

weigh-wagon calibration --

yield measurement --

yield map --

yield mapping --

yield monitoring --