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What Precision Farming Is(and isnít)

What Is Precision Farming?

4 Steps in the Precision Farming Process

Precision Farmingís Big Picture

Smart Farmers, Dumb Maps

†††† Step 1:Continuous Data Logging

GPS Positioning

Collecting Yield Data

Mass Flow Transport Delay, GPS Fix Delay and Antenna Offset Inline

Mapping Yield Data

Summarizing Yield Data

Same Data but Different Colors

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Printing Yield Reports

††††††††††††† Step 2: Point Sampling

Spatial Expression of Arithmetic Average

Point Sampling Design Concerns

Point Sampling Design Concerns

Spatial Interpolation Revisited

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Spatial Dependency

Spatial Autocorrelation (Nearest neighbor)

Spatial Autocorrelation (Nearby neighbors)

Spatial Autocorrelation

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Map Generalization

Spatial Interpolation Techniques

Spatial Interpolation

Spatial Interpolation

Spatial Dependency

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