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Berry & Associates // Spatial Information Systems (BASIS) provides both advising and training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology emphasizing natural resource and environmental applications.  The company was founded in 1988 by Joseph K. Berry, a leading consultant and educator in GIS.  Dr. Berry served 12 years on the faculty of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies where he conducted basic research and taught introductory and advanced courses in remote sensing and GIS.  He currently has a special faculty appointment at Colorado State University and is the Keck Scholar at the University of Denver.  He is the author of the Academic Map Analysis Package (aMAP) and MapCalc Educational Materials that have been used by universities worldwide for instruction in computer-assisted map analysis.  He has written more than 200 papers and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops on GIS technology.  His textbooks Map Analysis: Understanding Spatial Patterns and Relationships, Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS, Beyond Mapping: Concepts, Algorithms, and Issues, workbooks Analyzing Geo-Spatial Resource Data, Analyzing Geo-Business Data, Analyzing Precision Ag Data, and online books The Precision Farming Primer and Beyond Mapping III: Procedures and Applications in GIS Modeling are based on his popular articles published in GeoWorld magazine from 1989 to the present.

BASIS helps clients design and implement GIS systems, develop advanced analytic algorithms, and design spatial models for a wide variety of applications.  Past clients include Sanborn, New Century Software, PhotoScience, Weyerhaeuser Company, IBM Corporation, US Forest Service, US Bureau of Land Management,US Geological Survey, Georgia Transmission Company, New Century Software, USWest Communications, INIFAP Mexico, LTV Aerospace and Defense Company, Tropical Resources Institute, International Institute for Environment and Development, MacMillan Bloedel, Red Hen Systems, AutoDesk Corporation, HyperParallel Corporation, Slocan Group, McKinsey & Company, Marathon Oil, Tropical Resources Institute, Farmerís Software, Natural Resources Conservation Service, CASE Corporation, Innovative GIS Solutions, and Spatial Information Systems. 

BASIS offers both on-site and general workshops on the concepts and considerations in GIS technology with particular emphasis on grid-based map analysis and modeling.  These presentations include general awareness, introductory, advanced and specially designed workshops from one-day to two weeks.  All of the courses strike an effective balance between theory and hands-on exercises tailored to the audience.  Over four hundred workshops have been presented in the past twenty years to organizations including the US Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Natural Resources Conservation Service, GIS World, ITT Rayonier Timberlands, Ag/INNOVATOR Institute, BDA Environmental Consultants, and numerous universities, institutes and international conferences.

BASIS distributes MapCalc software for advanced grid-based map analysis and modeling with extensive support materials for extensive "real-time" demonstrations, prototypes of GIS models and "hands-on" exercises used in most of the BASIS training sessions. The MapCalc software is the result of integrating Red Hen Systems SoilRx precision agriculture software with Spatial Information Systems pMAP map analysis software.SoilRx provides the Windows environment for management and display of raster maps, as well as spatial interpolation and extended statistical analysis capabilities.pMAP (Professional Map Analysis Package) provides spatial analysis and spatial data mining capabilities.The combination is a powerful, yet inexpensive and easy-to-use package for grid-based map analysis and modeling.