MapCalc Learner-Academic by Red Hen Systems, Inc.

   …advanced grid-based map analysis for PC environments





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The Situation:  Desktop mapping has gained popularity in many disciplines across campus.  The additional dimension of “where” has provided new approaches to data analysis and decision formulation.  However, instruction in grid-based processing has been limited.  Until recently, GIS software supporting surface modeling, geo-statistics and spatial analysis has been too expensive and too complex for all but advanced courses. 


The Solution:  The MapCalc educational package is a set of inexpensive, Windows-based materials for learning map analysis concepts, considerations and procedures.  The educational materials are suitable for self-learning and introductory through advanced courses.  The MapCalc Learner CD (US$21.95 plus shipping) consists of tutorial versions of Surfer (for surface modeling) and MapCalc (for spatial statistics/data mining), a basic set of exercises and databases, the Precision Farming Primer and the Map Analysis online texts, and numerous application scenarios.  The MapCalc Academic CDs (US$495 plus shipping) contains all of the student materials plus a multi-seat license for a single computer lab, an extensive set of PowerPoint presentations for lectures, additional sets of exercises and exam questions/answers. 


   …this demo CD enables you to take the educational materials for a test ride.