Oslo Presentation materials


Geotechnology in Transition:  Evolution, Current Practice, Trends and Future Directions that are Moving Us Beyond Mapping

Geospatial Workshop for the City of Oslo, Norway – September 2, 2010

Presentation by Joseph K. Berry


<click here> for a one-page handout describing the presentation (.pdf)


\Oslo_2010  …create this folder, right-click on the file below, then select “Save target as…” to download the following file into the folder:


·         Oslo_2010.ppt – PowerPoint slide set


\Oslo_2010\Links …create this subfolder, right-click on a files below one at a time, select “Save target as…” to download the following files into the subfolder:


·         MC_slope_drain.exe – (7.3MB) a hyperlinked self-extracting video demonstrating calculation of slope and flow; accessed from slide #5

·         VBuff2.ppt – (.5MB) a nested PowerPoint animation showing the calculation of effective proximity to water (erosion potential); accessed from slide #12

·         3Dfire.avi – (6MB) a video of animated wildfire propagation; accessed from slide #18

·         CartoPac.avi – (27MB) a video demonstrating a field data collection device; accessed from slide #18

·         GE_EstesPark_photos.avi – (34MB) a video demonstrating geo-tagged photos in Google Earth; accessed from slide #18

·         PDL_demo.avi – (60MB) a video demonstrating “pliable data layer” visualization; accessed from slide #18

·         VR_CopperMT.avi – (50MB) a video demonstrating a “fly-by” visualization: accessed from slide #18


Oslo)2010_files.jpg…the hyperlinked files MUST be in a subfolder named …\Links under the folder containing the presentation PowerPoint.



 Execute the PowerPoint slide set.  Most of the slides have “timed animation” that automatically displays sequenced portions of a slide; mouse-click or press the down arrow to advance after a pause, or move to the next slide.  To access the linked demos in slides number 5 and 18, you need to mouse-click where it says <click>.  (Note: the \Links folder must be under whatever folder contains the PowerPoint file)


cid:image001.jpg@01CB4821.80D2F260 …slide 5’s demo of calculating Slop and Flow maps used in discussion of the Erosion Potential model (variable-width buffers) that follows.

cid:image002.jpg@01CB4821.80D2F260slide 18’s five links to demos of Multimedia Mapping …purposely showing “early” efforts (circa 2000) with reference to how today many of these capabilities are now fairly commonplace and have launched whole new industries, such as spatially-based crowd sourcing and automatically geo-tagged photos.