Future Directions of GIS in Forestry: Extending Grid-based Map Analysis and Geo-web Capabilities

     Plenary paper presented at Esri Forestry GIS Solutions Conference


Joseph K. Berry and David Buckley


Information has always been the cornerstone of effective forestry decisions.  As the industry continues to extend beyond our paper map legacy primarily focused on data editing and maintenance, geo-query and mapping, two broad fronts of innovation can be identified—Map Analysis and Geo-web Applications.  This presentation reviews current activities and technology opportunities on these two broad fronts with an eye on the future.


Presentation Handout – abstract and an extensive list of online papers and other references for the concepts presented


Presentation PowerPoint – main PowerPoint slide set presentation in wide screen 6x9 format (7.5MB) 


Linked Animated PowerPoint – linked animation PowerPoint slide set of Backcountry 911 Emergency Response Surface in wide screen 6x9 format (3.5MB)