ba_none_smSetting Up and Using Class Data

GIS Modeling, GEOG 3110, University of Denver, Winter Term, 2011


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Moving MapCalc Data to your personal workspace


1)     Right click on Start at the bottom left of your screen (Task Bar)

2)     Select Windows Explorer

3)     Locate your personal workspace as directed by the instructor

4)     Create a new folder in your workspace called …\GISmodeling

5)     In the new folder create a sub-folder …\GISmodeling\MapCalc Data

6)     Browse to the …\GEOG3110 class directory as directed by the instructor

7)     Highlight all of the files in the \MapCalc Data folder and select Copy

8)     Go to your …\GISmodeling\MapCalc Data sub-folder and Paste the MapCalc Data files


Suggested folder organization


 …\GISmodeling\MapCalc Data\                  (…just created folder containing MapCalc base data)

 …\GISmodeling\Week1\          (contains all of the data, scripts, and other files used in week 1)

 …\GISmodeling\Week2\          (contains all of the data, scripts, and other files used in week 2) 




Example Homework Exercise


Download example exercise— use Internet Explorer to access the class website at…


…and under “Links to Homework,” right-click on “Example” and choose “Open” to download and bring up the Exer0.doc file in Word.


Complete the Example exercise:


ü  Complete the information requested at the top

ü  Access the MapCalc System by Startà Programsà MapCalc Learnerà MapCalc Learner

ü  Specify the existing Tutor25.rgs database in your personal \MapCalc Data workspace

ü  Create a 3D Lattice display of the Elevation surface by pressing the 3D Toggle button

ü  Simultaneously press the keys Ctrl/Shift/P to activate the SnagIt screen capture utility

ü  Click the Green Check button to save the display to your clipboard

ü  Switch to the Word session and Paste the graphic in the appropriate place

ü  Switch back to the MapCalc session and click on the Use Cells button for a Grid display

ü  Repeat the SnagIt procedure to Capture/Paste the grid display into the Word session

ü  Enter a Title/Caption for each of the embedded figures and answer the questions

ü  Save the Word file as “Exer0_<YourName>.doc” and submit it via Blackboard’s Drop Box


Homework guidelines— review “Homework guidelines and example question/response