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What is Screen Capture?

Screen capture is the process of copying what you see on your screen. SnagIt captures various types of data in dozens of different ways, enabling you to capture, edit and share anything on your screen.

To help you start using SnagIt, here are five popular ways SnagIt it used to capture what is on your screen.

SnagIt Window Capture

Need a Picture That Won't Copy?

Region Capture
Capture a rectangular shape anywhere on your desktop.

SnagIt Region Capture

Want to Share the Entire Web Page?

Scrolling Window Capture
Capture the contents of a window, including the part not seen.

SnagIt Scrolling Window Capture

Need to Show Where to Click on a Menu?

Menu Capture
Capture drop-down and cascading menus from Windows programs.

SnagIt Menu Capture

Want an Editable List of Your Folder Directory?

Text Capture
Capture text in tab-delimited format to import into spreadsheets or database applications.

SnagIt Text Capture

Want Just an Icon Without Anything Else?

Object Capture
Capture a specific item on your computer desktop, such as a button, icon, toolbar, etc.

SnagIt Object Capture

Saving You Time

SnagIt in your PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Word or Internet Explorer toolbarQuickly capture anything with the SnagIt add-ins. SnagIt puts a handy toolbar in your Microsoft Office applications, Internet Explorer and Adobe Framemaker. Within 5 seconds you can have your captures inside your application.

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