Analyzing Precision Ag Data — Workbook Printing


Below are the files used in printing a hardcopy version of the

Analyzing Precision Ag Data workbook—


  − Front cover is a standard .tif graphics file

  − Body and back cover are standard .pdf files

  − Print on 8.5 x 11 paper and coil bind


The materials need to be printed, assembled and coil bound in the following order…


• Front cover to be printed in color on photo-quality paper (inside left blank):


  PA_CaseStudy_frontcover.tif – .tif image to cover entire page


• Body to be printed double-sided B&W on high quality paper:


  PA_CaseStudy_front.pdf – Table of Contents, 12 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _T1.pdf – Topic 1, Overview of the Case Study, 6 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _T2.pdf – Topic 2, Mapped data Visualization and Summary, 8 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _T3.pdf – Topic 3, Comparing Mapped Data, 8 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _T4.pdf – Topic 4, Spatial Interpolation, 10 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _T5.pdf – Topic 5, Characterizing Data Groups, 12 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _T6.pdf – Topic 6, Developing Predictive Models, 10 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _T7.pdf – Topic 7, Analyzing Spatial Context, 8 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _T8.pdf – Topic 8, Generating Prescription Maps, 9 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _appA.pdf – Appendix A, Quick Set of Exercises, 8 pages

  PA_CaseStudy _appB.pdf – Appendix B, Creating Your Own Ag Database, 6 pages


…a total of 88 pages in the body (print two-sided BW on good quality paper)


• Back cover to be printed in B&W on photo-quality paper (page 1 on inside):


  PA_CaseStudy_backcover.pdf – 2 pages


• MapCalc Learner Software and other workshop support materials:


  Workshop Support Materials including lecture slides, exercise software, example applications and color versions of the workbook’s figures. 


Note: Use Serial Number 1374MS2-0F5050-V and Release Code 6EE3-59C8-EA4B-EFB7 to register   the educational version of MapCalc Learner beyond the 14-day trial period.